Our team

Gabe is the most experienced of our trainers and also their coordinator. She started teaching children in 2009 at the Zlín branch. You will meet her on most individual roller skating and Nordic walking lessons, as well as in some summer camps. She is fluent in English.

Gabriela Janeckova

Head of Trainers
Lena comes from Moravia and loves skating and children. She is studying a medical school, but would like to just to work with children in future.

Lenka Polzerova

Roller skating trainer
Viki is a huge skating lover. She has been skating since she was 4. She started working at the camps in 2018 and you can meet her in roller skating and freestyle camps. She is dedicated to sport and used to do modern gymnastics for 12 years. Currently also deepens their knowledge in the field of biology that studies at Charles University in Prague.

Viki Matsakyanová

Roller skating trainer
Anet is one of our more experienced roller skating trainers. She has been working in our school since 2015.

Aneta Duskova

Roller skating trainer
Ondrej has been working in our Prague branch since 2016, and since he is not 18 years old yet, he is the assistant trainer. However, he is one of our best skaters and so he has a lot to teach kids.

Ondrej Zatloukal

Roller skating assistant trainer
Viki has been riding longboard for 5 years and has attended several Czech championships in downhill. You can meet him during longboard camps in Prague since 2018.

Viktor Becvar

Longboarding trainer
Jana loves children and roller skating. She especially loves longer distances and doesn't like falling down:)

Jana Stefanova

Roller skating trainer
Míša is a always smiling high school student from Krkonose. She exercises every day. In addition to inline skating, she enjoys climbing, skiing, cross-country skiing or ski mountaineering in the winter. She likes adrenaline, movement, fun, contact with children - and that's exactly what the work of an instructor is about.

Misa Neumanova

Roller skating trainer
Martina comes from Prague and is a student of the Faculty of Economics at the CZU. She likes to spend her free days outside with friends or on a walk with her dog. She has had a very positive attitude towards skating since she was a child. Especially in-line skating is a great way for Martina to unwind and relax.

Martina Fricova

Roller skating trainer
Alca had attended the in-line school camps every year from the age of 6, and gradually worked her way up to an assistant trainer. In addition to in-line skating, she has been intensively doing modern dance since she was 4 years old. She studies at secondary pedagogical school and wants to work with children in the future.

Alca Jaresova

Roller skating assistant trainer
Katka comes from Prague, where she also studies photography. She likes to spend her free time with friends outdoors playing sports. She has been riding various boards (skateboarders, penny board, longboard) since she was a child, but in the end she fell in love with longboarding the most.

Katka Machova

Longboarding trainer
Veronika used to be an active figure skater for 10 years, so you can expect only precise skating from her :) She loves kids and biking.

Veronika Boruvkova

Roller skating trainer
Stepan is a trainer of our longboard camp. He's been riding a longboard for more than five years, and he controls it perfectly. Besides longboarding, he likes baseball, snowboarding, surfing, soccer, and also teaches trampolines. He is fluent in English.

Stepan Perina

Longboarding trainer
Monika, together with Stepan, Natalie and Jan teaches kids to ride a longboard. Besides basic riding, she also controls sliding and dancing elements.

Monika Muronova

Longboarding trainer
Ondra had attended our camps 5times as a kid and now he teaches the other generations.

Ondra Smid

Roller skating assistant trainer
Misa has been doing athletics for several years, skating and doing a lot of sports since she was a kid. She studies art school. She likes to draw and play with children.

Misa Svejdova

Roller skating trainer
Natka is together with Stepan, Monica and Jan our longboarding trainer. You will meet her in summer camps. Her favorite longboard discipline is dancing.

Natalie Jackova

Longboarding trainer
Helena is an experienced trainer who you can meet in roller and freestyle skating camps in Zlín and Prague. She has attended summer camps when she was little and then started as a trainer later on. She spent few months in US by studying high school she is fluent in English.

Helena Slivova

Roller skating trainer
Rozi has been a trainer for tow years. You can meet her in Prague locations or in her hometown Nový Jičín. She studies physiotherapy so movement in general is very close to her.

Rozi Kysela

Roller skating trainer
Sabina has taught at the Prague branch children to skate for the fifth season and is one of our most experienced trainers. You can meet her in summer freestyle & roller skating camps. She also plays softball for Czech national team. Her English is excellent since she studies University in US and comes back home for summer.

Sabina Vitkova

Roller & freestyle skating trainer
You can meet Terez in roller skating camps, where she teaches from 2016. Besides skating, she is also a passionate biker.

Tereza Pavlatova

Roller skating trainer
Standa has been a trainer since summer 2016. You will meet him in the roller skating camp, especially in Prague 8.

Stanislav Novak

Roller skating trainer
Michal is our most complex trainer. He has been active in the Zlín branch for many years and has taught in the roller, freestyle and longboarding camps. Because he currently lives in Prague, he helps us from time to time.

Michal Minarcik

Trainer of everything
Tomas looks after the smooth running of Prague's branches and also tries to make HEPA Outdoor Fitness seen as quality services and joy of movement provider. He started as an trainer at the Zlín branch, then took over the Prague branch, where he taught for several years until the time allowed him. Since he studied high school in US he is fluent in English.

Tomas Urbanek

Branch manager

All the trainers who will take care of you or your children have gone through the HEPA Outdoor Fitness trainer course, which is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. In 2008, we also created our own methodological line, which we are constantly developing and according to which the teaching itself is being done. All of our trainers are able to communicate in English since most of them are university students and know the proper terminology and vocabulary of roller skating or longboarding.