Nordic Walking

Nordic walking as an optimal and healthy exercise activity is suitable for people of all ages and level, for all who want to do something for their health, for their fitness and a good feeling of their own. Combining aerobic and fitness training, nordic walking offers the ideal basis for reaching the diverse goals people have in relation to physical activity. Improvement of the condition, compensation of one-way physical movement or sedentary lifestyle, rehabilitation of the locomotory system – especially the back muscles, weight reduction, shaping of the figure, stay on the fresh air, stress hormones, etc. Nordic walking comes from the most natural movement for us – Walking – it is suitable for those who want to start being active on daily basis. For athletes, especially runners who want even more intense activity, we recommend nordic running – running with poles.

1 person 2-3 persons 4-6 persons
1 hour/ 5 lessons 1 hour/ 5 lessons 1 hour/ 5 lessons
 500 CZK/ 2.000 CZK  400 CZK/ 1.600 CZK  350 CZK/ 1.400 CZK

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