Prague 11 – Chodov

The camp in Prague 11, Chodov, takes place in the college area of University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague. Specifically on the reserved part of Dunovická parking lot. Advanced skaters also often go skating on an inline trail to the Kunratický Les which is nearby. We have lunch everyday in Spojovna restaurant, just a few meters away from the parking lot. Every Thursday there is a morning trip to Chodovská tvrz. In case of bad weather, we use a college students club at VŠCHT where we do not skate.


Prague 8 – Dolní Chabry

The camps in Prague 8 take place in the area of Elementary School Dolní Chabry and its playgrounds. We have lunches in Karel restaurant, which is a few hundred meters far away. On Thursday, there is a morning trip to the inline trail leading around the Troja Zoo. In case of bad weather, we use the school’s gym – where we do not skate.


Prague 3 – Jarov

The camps at Jarov (Prague 3) take place on the multifunctional playground Habrová, which offers great conditions for both inline skating and longboarding. The groups of advanced skaters often go to Malešický park, where a Thursday morning trip also takes place. We go for lunches to Osika restaurant. The sports center Hector provides space in case of bad weather when we do not skate.


Prague 10 – Štěrboholy

The newest branch is located on the reserved part of the EUROPARK shopping center parking lot in Štěrboholy. For lunch, we will go to Golosana restaurant. Additional activities include discgolf course and mini golf course at the business center. In case of bad weather we use a reserved part of the underground parking lot, so any weather will not stop us from skating.


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