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Info about us

The whole story of HEPA Outdoor Fitness started back in 2007, and that year, during the summer school holidays, the first summer roller skating camps took place. Over the years the network has expanded and you can currently find us in 13 Czech cities. In Prague, we have organised summer camps since 2008 in 2 branches: Prague 8 and Prague 11. In our roller skating school, you will meet only trainers trained within our instructor course accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, led by the founder of the whole network Marie Hrabcová (Urbánková) who still runs the Zlín’s branch herself. During training we follow our own methodological line, which is being constantly innovated over the years.

Our vision:

Through optimal physical activities, we want to positively influence the lifestyle and health of the population, and these activities are realized in a natural outdoor environment.

The main vision and goal of our company is to offer people the opportunity to learn how to properly perform such physical activities that contribute to the development of their health, physical and mental condition and which they can do outdoors in the fresh air.

The return of man to nature, awareness of the importance of his overall health and well-being, investment in a healthy lifestyle – these key topics used to be ignored very often, but people have recently started realising and thinking more about them.

We try to promote a healthy and active way of life especially in children who have the opportunity to build good habits in young age and who do not have to change their lifelong bad habits, which in adults often have problem with and the change requires a strong will.

Fun, joy, health and good times – that’s what we want to bring to our clients, both young or older, through optimal physical activities.

We look forward to all of you who choose to do something right for yourself and your children 🙂

What does HEPA stand for?

The HEPA acronym, first introduced by the World Health Organization (WHO), is closely related to the concept of Optimal Movement Activity. HEPA stands for Health Enhancing Physical Activity. These are cyclical, aerobic activities using most of the muscles in the human body. Typical examples of such activities include roller skating, nordic walking or cross-country skiing.



We started offering the leisure time activities back in 2007. As students of the 4th year of university studies, Marie Urbánková and Přemysl Novák started an roller skating school called In-line School Zlín at the beginning of summer. During the first summer, there were 5 weeks of roller skating camps attended by 60 children, and we did dozens of private lessons.

As a form of promotion (including channels), we decided to organize free evening rides through the streets of Zlin on skates (with the assistance of the Czech Police), which attracted many skaters even in the first year and gained popularity. In the first year, six of these rides took place and, like in other countries abroad, they were called BladeNights.


In the second season of its existence, roller skating schools managed to extend to another 8 cities including Prague! HEPA roller skating schools appeared in those cities: Brno, Olomouc, Ostrava, Prague, Prostějov, Přerov, Třinec, Ústí nad Orlicí and Zlín. They managed to organize 39 HEPA BladeNights, attended by over 8,000 skaters. There were 350 children in the summer camps during school holidays.
In order to ensure a sufficient number of qualified trainers, it was necessary to develop an roller skating training methodology, to obtain accreditation of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports for the training of new instructors and then to organize the first official “Roller skating trainer course”.


More than 650 children visited our summer camps in this year. Also, the successful BladeNights project continued with 24 rides in 6 cities. A total of 8500 skaters took part in the event, giving an average of 350 skaters per event. Among other things, the HEPA Group also organized events such as BladeRace.


In 2010 HEPA outdoor fitness system was further developed as well. Several other services were added to already established portfolio – Nordic walking lessons, summer bike camps and roller skating trips to Vienna.


Additional services were added in some branches – such as the Freestyle Camp, which features freestyle slalom lessons for advanced kids, private Nordic Walking lessons, and more. There has been an expansion of a branch in Prague where summer roller skating camps already took place in two locations – Prague 8 and Prague 11.


Since 2013, the Prague branch is being run by Tomáš Urbánek and Gabriela Janečková who started as roller skating trainers in Zlín back in 2009.


We exceed the milestone of 1,000 children in summer camps during this summer.


We organized a first freestyle camp for advanced skaters from 7 to 15 years old in Prague, which also serves as an alternative for children who have already passed through our summer roller skating camps. A longboard camp took place in Zlín for the first time.


We are celebrating 10 years since the establishment of the entire network. For the first time in Prague, we organized a longboard camp in two weeks in Prague 11.