We always want to bring new entertening opportunities for children. That is why we came up with new longboarding summer camp and add it to our classic roller skating and freestyle skating camps. The gradual development of skateboarding and snowboarding has created this “way of transport”, which allows literally to flow through the countryside. We try to teach children the basics of safe riding and also include elements of dancing and sliding. When we learn the basic we go to trails and practice more. Do not hesitate to learn something new, cool and that forces us to get out there outside!


Longboard camp takes place in Jarov (Prague 3) where th most of the training takes place in multifunctional playground Habrova which offers the best possible conditions, we also go for rides to Malesicky park, which is located just about 500 metres away.

  • suburban camp for children from 7 to 15 years of age
  • longboard lessons including (freestyle and dancing elements), all being done in safe and playful way

The basic price of 3 890 CZK includes:

  • longboard lessons led by experienced instructors
  • morning snack
  • water during the whole day
  • lunch in Hector sports centre
  • accident insurance (only for the Czech citizens)


  • Loyalty discount of 200 CZK for participation in previous years/ camps
  • Discount of 200 CZK if you apply and pay till the end April
  • The lowest possible price of the camp is 3 490 CZK

Equipment you need:

  • longboard (possibility to rent for a fee of 150 CZK/ day)
  • helmet (a cycling helmet is OK)
  • set of guards (elbows, knees, wrists)

You can contact me with any questions on 00420 721 086 655 or my e-mail tomas@hepaoutfit.cz

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